About the School

Coolock Community College strives to be a welcoming place to everyone irrespective of social, cultural or religious background by providing an educational experience that is inclusive, makes schooling a happy and fulfilling experience and prepares students for life.

The school opened in 1969 and was called Coláiste Dhúlaigh. The school is in the ownership of the City of Dublin Education and Training Board (CDETB), the school’s Board of Management is a sub-committee of CDETB. 

Coolock Community College is a co-educational school providing a wide range of both academic and practical subjects. The school provides the full range of Second Level courses and provides student support through the school’s Guidance Councillor and the CDETB’s Psychological Services. Our school strives to provide for the education of the whole person combining good academic education and programmes for personal development.

The school’s Code of Conduct is drawn up in accordance with the Education Act 1998 and Education Welfare Act 2000. Its fundamental principles are fairness, transparency and the creation of a suitable environment for learning. The rules it contains are made in the interest of the well-being and happiness of each individual student. They encourage good behaviour through positive affirmation. They help students develop a sense of responsibility, based on respect an consideration for others in order to create and maintain an environment in which students may learn, mature and grow.

Our school has well-established school-community links fostering positive relationships with Parents and Primary Schools through the Home School Community Liaison Teacher. These links help students benefit to the fullest possible extent from their schooling. The school encourages parents to visit the school, to support the pastoral care system, to attend parent/teacher meetings, class graduations and to support many social, cultural and sporting events in which the school is involved. The views of parents and students in relation to school policies and practices are very important to us and are welcome.

The teaching staff of Coolock Community College are committed and encourage students to participate fully in the school’s extracurricular activities and societies so as students will learn to think for themselves to be responsible, for their action and learn to respect the world they live in.