Some of the wonderful art by our gifted students

Introduction . . Art Dept

The study of art is the study of visual language.

Giving students an understanding of this universal language allows for unique self expression and personal creative development.

Art has been nurtured as a subject in Coláiste Dhúlaigh Post Primary since its foundation. The college art room today continues to provide a creative oasis for our students.

Our focus is very much on the student as an individual.

The art room  provides a dedicated  environment  for  creative learning  where  the development of student imagination is emphasised alongside the teaching of technique.

Academic Structure

The Department of Education and Science determines the  art curriculum.

Second and Third year students work towards the Junior Cert art project and drawing exams.

Transition year allows for further personal creative development.

Fifth and Sixth years work towards the three practical Leaving Cert exams and the Senior Cycle art history exam.

Additional Activity

In addition to the academic art structure our students interact with and provide a range of art work for numerous college events such as the transition year radio station, leman concert, carol service, graduation mass, college annual, open day and prize day. Students are encouraged to display their work and take part in various in house and external art competitions. A sense of art as profession is encouraged.

Examples of Work

Students learn a range of techniques in the creation of their work. Examples include object drawing , life drawing, painting, graphic design, calligraphy, lino printing, screen printing, digital media, 3D modelling, construction and carving.