Biology is the study of Life 

Genetic Screening, DNA Profiling, the Human Genome Project and much more.

If you are interested in developing your understanding of some or all of the above, as well as a wide range of topics related to life and living, then you will enjoy studying Biology.


The Course:

The Leaving Certificate Biology Syllabus is a wide-ranging syllabus but it is very accessible and includes something for everyone.

Through the study of Biology students employ the processes of science in their investigations and explore the diversity of life and the inter-relationships between organisms and their environment.

The current syllabus consists of 70% pure biology and the remaining 30% deals with the technological, political, social and economic aspects of biology.



Activities include laboratory investigations and experiments, ecology fieldwork, presentation of project work to the class, research using the internet and net-books. The students, working in pairs carry out 22 mandatory activities. During the course of their study, students working in pairs, undertake a range of practical work, laboratory investigations and fieldwork.

The Future:

In addition to the traditional areas of Agriculture, Aquaculture, Biochemistry, Fisheries, Forestry, Medicine, Microbiology, Pharmacy, Teaching and Veterinary Medicine areas such as, Agribusiness, Biomedical Engineering, Food Technology, Immunology, Genetics and Bioinformatics, Pharmaceuticals and Water Technology will continue to provide key employment.