Whole School Policy on Homework

This policy reflects the School Mission Statement: To offer an excellent education that is relevant to the needs of our students


Regular homework is a valuable aspect of the learning process and reinforces work done in class.



  • To promote development by students of good study habits and effective study skills
  • To ensure consistent approaches to the setting and reviewing of homework across the school
  • To enhance the academic achievement of students
  • To encourage parents to take an interest in and to share responsibility for their children’s work and progress



  • Each student will be assigned a minimum amount of homework each night
  • A rough time guide will be suggested for each group
  • Students will be given feedback on homework
  • Special consideration will be given to students with special educational needs
  • Sanctions may be imposed for non completion of homework
  • Records of homework information will be kept by each teacher
  • Parents are encouraged to check homework regularly and sign diaries



Board of Management

  • To ensure that the policy is developed and evaluated from time to time
  • To approve the policy
  • To consider reports from the Principal on the implementation of the policy


Principal, Deputy Principal and Year Heads

  • To monitor the implementation of the policy


Subject Teachers

  • To implement the policy, review homework assignments and provide feedback to students
  • To keep records of homework set
  • To instruct students in homework/study skills


Pastoral Care Personnel (Class Teachers, Guidance and SEN Personnel)

  • To monitor the effects of the policy and to identify students experiencing difficulty
  • To provide support and guidance, especially for those experiencing difficulty
  • To liaise with subject teachers, especially in relation to consideration for students with special educational needs


Parents are encouraged

  • To support school policy
  • To provide suitable conditions for homework
  • To ensure that the suggested amount of time is spent on homework


Students are required

  • To do homework set, both oral/learning and written/practical
  • To present written homework properly



  • Each subject department will develop agreed guidelines on the amount of homework that is desirable for each year group
  • Each subject department will develop guidelines on the homework/study skills appropriate for that subject
  • The SEN department will advise on designing homework for students with special educational needs



  • Good quality homework is being presented
  • Parents and students are satisfied with the effectiveness of the policy
  • The goals are being attained



  • Class Teachers and Year Heads will communicate with subject teachers in order to monitor progress
  • Subject departments will review implementation at least twice per year
  • The Principal will report to the Board of Management at least once per year



  • This policy will be reviewed after two years. The review team will comprise the Principal, Deputy Principal and Department Heads
  • Views and experiences of teachers, students and parents will be sought in relation to the success criteria
  • School records will be analysed to assess impact on student’s academic progress
  • The progress of students with special educational needs will be given particular consideration



Date of next review : 2019 /2020