Principal’s Welcome

Ms. Sarah Ferns


Coolock Community College

I am delighted to welcome all to Coolock Community College for the coming year. As

you will all be aware, we have undergone a rebrand and are very proud to now be called

Coolock Community College.

Our new logo has three Oak Leaves at the centre. These Oak Leaves symbolise longevity,

strength, stability, endurance, power, justice and honesty. Three is the number of

harmony, wisdom and understanding. It was also the number of time – past, present,

future; birth, life, death; beginning, middle, and end.

We believe this is what we as a school community stand for and we will work with each

student to ensure they experience each of these areas.

We have developed a new Ethos Statement that states that:

As a school, we provide the foundations for students to reach their full academic potential through a positive and supportive learning environment.

We are a respectful and caring community where everyone is tolerant of the beliefs and opinions of other people and where equality and diversity are celebrated.

We emphasise the holistic development of students so that they grow into compassionate, empathetic and productive members of society.

As a staff and student body, we can only work together when each of us are doing our

very best. We expect all our students to attend school every day and on time and attend

every class and do their best to become the best version of themselves.

School life isn’t just about being in the classroom and we encourage all our students to

get involved in sports, library initiatives, charity events, student council and any other

activities or committees. We believe that what you put into your school life is what you

will get out of it.

All students have a Class Teacher and Year Head who are there to support and

encourage each of you. Students should be proud of their class and work together as a


I hope you enjoy your time with us in Coolock Community College.

Tá súil go mbainfidh sibh taitneamh as Coolock Community College.

Ms. Sarah Ferns