Our Rules

Respect for Staff

  1. Students should show respect for all staff members. Bullying or verbal abuse of staff will warrant immediate suspension.
  2. Students must comply with instructions given to them by all staff members. Direct refusal to do so will warrant suspension.

Respect for Students

  1. Students should show respect for their fellow students at all times. Bullying, physical or verbal, is completely unacceptable and may incur immediate suspension.
  2. Stone throwing, the use of bangers, fireworks, lasers or other dangerous objects is forbidden. Students guilty of the above will be suspended.
  3. Bad language or language of an abusive nature are completely unacceptable.

Respect for Property

  1. Students should respect their fellow student’s property and school property. Failure to do so will at least require that all losses are paid for or made good.

Respect for the School

  1. Student’s behaviour on the way to and from school as well as during lunchtime is important to the reputation of the school, its students and staff. Behaviour bringing the reputation of the school into disrepute will not be tolerated.
  2. The use of or possession of drugs or alcohol by students is very serious and will be dealt with very seriously, including notifying the Gardai, where appropriate.
  3. Full uniform must be worn at all times including on the way to and from school and during lunchtime. Students failing to comply may be sent home without prior notice.
  4. Students must attend school every day. Students must be on time for school. Students who have been absent must provide a note in their diary from parent /guardian. Failure to comply with either of the above may incur sanctions.
  5. Students are expected to complete all homework and study work when assigned. Failure to do so may incur sanctions.
  6. Students must carry a school bag containing their diary as well as the correct books and equipment. Failure to do so may incur sanctions.
  7. Toilet breaks are to be taken at morning and lunch break. Toilet breaks at other times are not allowed other than in exceptional circumstances or where the school has been notified of relevant medical condition.
  8. Students must remain within school boundaries during school hours. Under no circumstances should students leave school without permission. Failure to comply will be treated severely.
    • You may have a phone in the school building if it is turned off and in your bag.
    • If your phone can be seen or heard by staff or other students, you will be asked to put it into the “PHONE BOX” on the teacher’s desk for the duration of the class. The phone will be returned to you at the end of day.
    • If your phone can be seen or heard by staff or other students on the corridor, you will be asked to switch it off and put it into your bag.
    • If you choose not to co-operate, your refusal will be regarded as a serious breach of school discipline. It will be recorded in your diary and the teacher’s diary. Your Class Teacher and Year Head will be notified. Your refusal will mean SUSPENSION and your parents will be contacted.
  9. The following are forbidden: the use of personal music systems, chewing and eating in classrooms and corridors, the wearing of headgear in the school building and smoking in the school and school grounds.
  10. Students must comply with the school’s policy regarding the use of computers.