Spanish is a modern Language offered in Coolock Community College. Communicative Language Teaching Theory is central to the methodologies adopted by the teacher a. During their studies, students develop key skills in the areas of reading, listening, speaking and writing.

The French Department adopts and promotes the College Mission Statement in its daily activity. Through continual assessment, encouragement and dedication, pupils have the opportunity to develop their full potential as responsible learners.

Teachers regularly promote and advise students and parents on opportunities at home and abroad for young language learners outside of the traditional classroom.


Junior Cycle:
With the assistance of thoughtfully chosen textbooks and with their own supplementary materials, teachers are committed to the educational and communicative aims outlined in the Department of Education and Skills (DES) Junior Certificate Syllabus. Focus on a broad range of language tasks and activities enables teachers to equip students with the linguistic skills that furnish a general competence in and confidence with the target language. Equally, teachers aim to create an awareness amongst students of another culture, thereby contributing to overall personal and social development.

Transition Year:
With a focus on more autonomous learning, the Modern Languages Department aims to further stimulate student interest in language learning in Transition Year through an even broader range of activities and language tasks that facilitate even more creative and active learning aimed at further developing students’ proficiency.

Senior Cycle:
The skill set developed in Junior Cycle is further built upon in Senior Cycle as per the DES Leaving Certificate Syllabus. Communicative language methodologies are further adopted with a continued commitment to promoting an awareness of language, culture and communication. The advanced linguistic learning focus offers students, as a realistic option, the possibility of pursuing leisure activities, further study and career opportunities through French