Supports in place for our students

We have a strong Pastoral Care System in place in Coláiste Dhúlaigh. Each student has a Class Teacher, with further support from an Assistant Year Head and Year Head, Deputy Principal and Principal. Classes have a registration session each morning, which enables them to form good relationships with their Class Teacher.

The School Diary is an essential way to keep contact between Teachers and Parents. Teachers write comments for good behaviour and effort and parents use the diary to inform the school of student absences.

Our Student Council meets regularly and is involved in developing School Policy.

Our Career Guidance Counsellors meet with students to discuss career choices or to give support in times of personal difficulty.

Our Parents’ Council is very active and works with our Home School Community Liaison Co-orindator to improve the level of supports to students.

Our Student Canteen is open for breakfast and lunch, which are provided free for all students.

We have a Book Rental Scheme, which provides students with all their books at a fraction of the cost.