Policy /procedures for trips out of school

  1. Teachers are required to seek permission for trips through the Management Meeting 2 weeks in advance.  It is essential to liaise with the Office Staff to organise payment for events through Head Office in advance.
  2. Check Public Liability Insurance.  Teacher should never sign a ‘waiver’ form.
  3. School Rules apply – including wearing of uniform – unless otherwise stated.
  4. ‘Parent Consent’ form must be signed each student taking part.  Consent must be in writing. 
  5. In case of an emergency during trip, the teacher will try to ensure the safety of students and contact the school as soon as possible. 
  6. If a teacher/adult must accompany a student to hospital then the other teacher /adult will be responsible for the group.  Once informed the school management will decide if another teacher is needed.
  7. Exact Route/itinerary for the day and list of students going on outing must be left with Principal or Deputy. 
  8. Teacher should leave a contact phone number.
  9. A Separate Application to the Board of Management must be made to take students out of the jurisdiction.